Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Drought Monitoring and Risk Assessment: Case Study in Lao PDR

drought5Year: 2010-2011
Country: Lao PDR
Location within country: Savanakhet province

In this study, agricultural drought monitoring and risk assessment was carried out in Savanakhet province of Lao PDR. Savanakhet province is one of the most populated provinces in the country and drought is the most common hazard. Both TRMM satellite data and rainfall data analysis showed that degree of deviation from long-term mean precipitation in Savanakhet province was higher than other provinces.

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Drought Risk Management in Cambodia

gicYear: 2009-2012
Country: Cambodia
Location within country: Tonle Sap watershed

The main objective of the programme was to create awareness and improve the skills of the national agencies in utilizing satellite images in disaster risk reduction and emergency response in eight ASEAN member countries.

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Drought Monitoring Using MODIS and Meteorological Data

drought3Year: 2008-2009
Country: Mongolia
Location within country: Tuv Aimag

In this project, potential use of remote sensing for drought detection and monitoring in Tuv Aimag, Mongolia were investigated. Multi-temporal drought severity maps were produced from MODIS satellite data by using an empirical index called Soil Moisture Index (SMI).

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Studying the Effects of Drought on Rice Production in Nueva Ecija, Philippines

drought2Year: 2008-2009
Country: Philippines
Location within country: Nueva Ecija

Aim of this project was to detect and monitor droughts in agricultural area, particularly rice in the Philippines using remote sensing data. Drought conditions were assessed using a computationally straightforward remote sensing index called Soil Moisture Index (SMI), derived from remote sensing data.

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Detection of Drought Prone/Affected Areas Using Remote Sensing and Meteorological Approaches in Iloilo, The Philippines

drought1Year: 2006-2007
Country: Philippines
Location within country: Iloilo

This project aimed at utilizing remote sensing and meteorological approaches for detecting droughts in Iloilo province of the Philippines.

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