Mapping with Drones

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Drones are exciting innovative equipment well suited for Surveying, Mining, Agriculture, Emergency Response and many more applications. This new emerging technology introduces a great potential for using in high resolution mapping complementary to traditional surveying technologies and to traditional photogrammetry. Geoinformatics Center is engaged in research for delivering efficient high quality aerial map products at low cost using Drones. We have successfully applied inexpensive drones in creating very high resolution maps and terrain models with a remarkable accuracy.

Beyond the limits

Alternative to expensive survey grade drones, we have explored an inexpensive way to create high quality aerial maps using consumer grade drones. With a GPS + digital camera equipped drone and advancement of Photogrammetric and Computer Vision technologies, it makes possible to reach an accuracy level that suits many application in mapping as Urban Mapping, Forest Foliage, Quick Assessment of Disasters etc.

 Currently, Geoinformatics Center has a DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone.

Benefits of Drones for mapping

  • Economical – up to 90% compared to traditional methods
  • Easy to Fly - Ready to go system with automated flight planning
  • Accuracy – High accurate products
  • Very High Resolution Areal Imagery in your hands
  • Millions of data points in one short flight
  • Timescale - Comparatively reduce the time spent collecting accurate data.
  • Operational in Hazardous & Hard-to-Reach Areas

Specifications of Phantom 3 Professional Drone

Accuracy of Products – Down to 10 cm 
Ground Resolution - 6 cm Ground Sampling Distance at 160m above ground.

Hardware Specifications

  • Drone Type: Quadcopter
  • Camera: 12 Mega Pixel Sony RGB
  • Flying Time: 23m per single batery charge
  • Maximum Distance: 5km


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