Impact Assessment of Urbanization on Environmental Quality in Chiang Mai-Lumphun Valley, Northern Thailand

urbun2Year: 2010-2011
Country: Thailand
Location within country: Chiang Mai-Lumphun Valley

Chiang Mai–Lumphun Valley is one of the most developed area in Thailand. It has been undergoing a rapid urbanization during the last 20 years and Chiang Mai and Lumphun are most likely become twin cities in the near future. Urbanization process plays a significant impact on the environment, particularly on the environmental quality of the region.

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Study the Land Use and Settlement Pattern in The Kathmandu Valley and Predicting the Future Urban Growth in the Valley

urbun1Year: 2004-2005
Country: Nepal
Location within country: Kathmandu valley

The main objectives of this project were 1) to update land use map of Kathmandu valley using remote sensing and GIS tools and techniques, 2) to analyse changes in urban areas, and 3) to develop urban growth model for predicting future urban growth. Land use maps were prepared for three years in 1988, 1997, and 2001 using satellite images of Landsat-TM, ADEOS, and Landsat-ETM+ respectively.

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